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Whitening Teeth?

Summer is nearly here..!!

Summer is nearly here and now is the best time to start your teeth whitening journey!
Whether you want a whiter smile for a wedding or upcoming event, or just want to give yourself a new reason to smile more, we can help you!

What is Teeth Whitening?
Teeth Whitening is the process of making your teeth ‘whiter’ by removing stains and discolouration. The colour of your teeth can be affected by many factors including the ageing process, staining from food and drink, trauma, illness, disease and medication. Professional teeth whitening from a dentist is the only safe, legal, and effective method of achieving a whiter, brighter smile.
Learn more about the different options to see which one might be right for you. At Murray Dental we offer four different whitening systems:

Enlighten Evolution:
The Rolls Royce of whitening. Enlighten is widely acknowledged as the most effective whitening system in the world. It’s the only one that guarantees a Vita shade B1 for every patient. And it has a 98% success rate. £700.00.
Boutique Whitening:
a premium quality whitening gel that delivers superior results compared to other brands. It is specifically designed as a home whitening kit to fit into your day to day life and to deliver great results in just a few days. £330.00
White Dental Beauty:
Improved whitening results over less treatment time. Not only this, but White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels contain an active sensitivity management formula, along with a unique mild gel for sensitive teeth. Alongside eco-friendly packaging, bespoke branding and practice support; White Dental Beauty gels provide the ultimate tooth whitening solution! £350.00
Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed:
whitens teeth by up to 8 shades in 60 minutes. The combined use of the Zoom Light Activator and Zoom whitening gel is extremely effective. The gel is a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel and requires the use of a Zoom Light Activator to enhance the whitening effects. £475.00

Common Questions about Teeth Whitening
We hear many questions from patients about the effects of teeth whitening. Here are a few of their most common questions:
Will teeth whitening make my teeth weak?
No, whitening does not make your teeth brittle. It may cause some sensitivity initially, but you can easily remedy the sensitivity by using Sensodyne toothpaste after your whitening treatment.

How long will the whitening last?
Each case is different depending on the previous shade of your teeth and the strength of the whitening treatment used, but typically whitening will last for six to ten months. However, if you notice that your teeth have become a little stained again, you just need a booster treatment.

Can I make my treatment last longer?
Yes, you can! You can refrain from eating foods and drinking liquids that re-stain your teeth faster, such as red wine, curry, coffee and others.

Ask your dentist or our reception team for more information and get yourself booked in for that smile you always wanted.

Nervous About Dentistry?

Nervous about Dentistry?

Did you know?
Mr Stephen Anderson is able to provide oral and intravenous sedation for our dental implant patients who are especially nervous when visiting the dentist. Sedation is a safe and effective technique that helps patients be completely relaxed and comfortable during their dental appointments.
What is IV Sedation
An intravenous line administers the sedation medication, midazolam into the back of your hand. IV sedation is ideal for patients who experience dental anxiety and want little or no memory of the dental treatment. You will be sedated just enough to be unaware of the treatment. When it is over you will feel as though you were sleeping. It can take at least 24 hours for the effects of sedation to wear off so patients must arrange for a companion to meet them at our practice and take them home. You may still feel a little drowsy so it is best to take it easy for the rest of the day.
Is IV sedation Safe
IV Sedation is very safe and we monitor your vital signs throughout the appointment. Our team is trained to care for sedated patients to ensure their comfort and safety. If you are interested in undertaking some of your treatment under sedation Stephen is the dentist to ask for! Just give us a call today on 024 76505444 to discuss with our reception team who can assist you with any questions you may have and help you book in for an appointment with Stephen.

Oepning Hours at Christmas 2020

Christmas Opening Times

We would like to wish all of our patients and colleagues a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope you don’t need our services this Christmas but in case you do please see our opening hours below and give us a call as soon as we open. This ensures that we can arrange enough time to resolve your problem at this busy time of year.

Monday 21st December 2020- usual opening hours
Tuesday 22nd December 2020 – usual opening hours
Wednesday 23rd December 2020- usual opening hours
Thursday 24th December 2020- closed
Friday 25th December 2015- closed
Monday 28th December 2020- closed
Tuesday 29th December 2020- 9am -1.30pm (emergency appointments only)
Wednesday 30th December 2020- closed
Thursday 31st December 2020- closed
Friday 1st January 2021- closed
Monday 4th January 2020- usual opening hours

If you are a registered patient and require emergency treatment outside of our opening hours then please call us on 024 76505444 and listen to our emergency service message on our answer machine and follow the instructions.

Murray Dental Back Open and Buzzing

Murray Dental Back and Buzzing!!

Lockdown is now over and I am pleased to report that a new look Murray Dental is now up and running again and treating patients as efficiently as the “new normal” allows us to. Like many of you we have survived three months with no income, managed our emergencies and now the telephone won’t stop ringing.

We are working our way through the substantial backlog of referred patients we have on file and have already seen many of your lovely patients thank you.

We would like to reassure our referrers that the safety of your patients and our staff are our top priority. In addition to appropriate PPE we have also looked at the relevant protocols to ensure we operate in the safest manner possible against Covid-19.

Andy doing his bit for dentistry during Covid-19

Over the lockdown period I chose to volunteer in an Urgent Dental Care centre in Milton Keynes. These were designated dental practices that had the protocols and PPE in place to see patients with severe dental emergencies at the time that other practices had been instructed to close. If dentists were unable to manage patients’ problems by remote triaging over the phone, then they would be referred to the Urgent Care centre. We were in an especially privileged position in that our centre was set up to provide aerosol generating procedures, such as drilling, so we could help patients in more ways than simply extracting teeth.

I chose to volunteer because I felt frustrated and idle not being able to help people in desperate situations, and I thought my partner Nicki would probably appreciate me getting out from under her feet for a bit while she tried to work from home. I had also run out of DIY projects, and I’m sure even the cat was longing for a return to the peace and quiet he was used to.

In addition to this, I thought it would be an invaluable opportunity to experience what dentistry is likely to look like for the short-term future. It was useful to learn from the COVID-19 protocols and processes they had perfected though weeks of trial-and-error to help shape those needed at Murray Dental when it was allowed to reopen. It gave me a high dose of job satisfaction to treat patients who were incredibly grateful to be seen.

Valentine’s Day Teeth Whitening Special

A great smile can be the most attractive feature of your face. A smile helps you express health, success and sincerity. It is a great asset in your personal, business and social contacts. So, it is important that you are happy with how your smile looks
During upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations, it is easy to get carried away with the delicious chocolate treats. While we all love to celebrate Valentines Day with wine and chocolates, they can dull the brightness of your teeth and take away that sparkle.
Zoom tooth whitening can enhance your smile for a special night with your Valentine and to celebrate that special day our Murray Dental dentists are providing a special offer throughout the month with the following special of just £375.

• Complimentary Consultation
• Zoom In-house whitening

This is the quickest, easiest way to whiten teeth effectively is with Philips Zoom! In- practice whitening. Administered by your dental professional and using our unique WhiteSpeed technology to speed up the whitening processes, Philips Zoom! In-practice whitening gives you up to 7 shades whiter teeth in just 1 hour. So, you can walk out the dental practice with a whiter smile on the same day. The added bonus? You get outstanding results with little to no sensitivity. Before you leave the dental practice, you will receive customised whitening trays and a take-home whitening kit, which is included in the price of your treatment, to top-up your smile when needed.
Click here: for the best teeth whitening method

The Murray dental team keeps growing, say hello to Siobhan

Last week we welcomed Siobhan to the Murray Dental team. We normally like to ease our new nurses in slowly but unfortunately due several members of the nursing team off due to illness, we set her to work straight away.  Siobhan was an absolute star and got stuck right into her nursing duties, working with our hygienist. 

Siobhan enjoys all aspects of nursing  and is always seen with a smile on her face.  She is looking at developing her skill within dental implants and  would like to enroll on radiography course next year.

We all wish Siobhan well  and hope she enjoys working here at the practice for many years to come.

Coffee, cake and a chat

This year we have decided to show our support to this wonderful cause and have our own coffee morning on the 27th September from 10am- 12pm at the practice. We look forward to seeing you all there with a cuppa and slice of cake.

Land Rover vehicles
Team building with Off-Road Action
  • March 20th, 2019
  • by Admin

A weekend away in the hills as the some of the Murray Dental staff take a ride in the seats of a selection of 4x4 vehicles such as the Range Rover and new Land Rover Defender. The excitement of being driven across a dirt track that has seen at least 6 days of constant rainfall will raise any one’s pulse. The land rover vehicles were hired from Exec 4x4 for the days event and proofed to be a fantastic team day outside the usual practice walls. Some of the staff had commented on their amazement of the Defender Land Rover as it climbed such slippery embankments and others preferred the road driving of the new Range Rover Sport as it handled the twisty B roads. Mr Murray has previously owned the Range Rover sport but seemed to have some minor issues which resulted in him handing back the sort after model land rover, let’s see if this weekend hire has changed his personal opinion on the famous flag ship 4x4 vehicle.